TanKeBlue has developed a road of silicon carbide technology independent innovation and industrializ

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June 3, 2014, China Science Daily has published their report: “TanKeBlue has developed a road of silicon carbide technology independent innovation and industrialization”, after their interview to Mr. Chen Xiaolong, one of the company founders of TanKeBlue. 

The report first analyzed the application prospect of silicon carbide, pointing out that silicon carbide has now become the frontier and commanding point of the semiconductor industry, and then compared  the  technology development in China and abroad. Looking back the fruitful technology improvement TankeBlue has achieved these years, with the SiC wafer diameter being enlarged from 2 inch to 4 inch and to 6 inch now, it could be concluded that the gap between China and foreign countries is shrinking. At last Mr Chen Xiaolong introduced TanKeBlue’s industrialization experience to the reporter, indicating that TanKeBlue’s progress is inseparable with the great support from the Chinese government and their attention on the basic research. 

TanKeBlue, as the first and the largest supplier of silicon carbide in China, since its establishment in 2006, through continuous great efforts, has now successfully developed a road of silicon carbide independent innovation and industrialization. We could believe that TanKeBlue will keep providing high quality products and service to customers in the future, and continue to work hard to promote the rapid development of the new generation wide-band-gap semiconductor-based industry in China, and to grow up as one of the main supplier in the world.


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