TankeBlue Semiconductor Co. Ltd., founded in Sep, 2006 and having registered capital of 479.40 million yuan, is a state-controlled enterprise with a wholly-owned subsidiary, which is devoted to the R&D, manufacture and sales of semiconductor SiC wafers. Company Headquarters in Biomedicine Industrial Base, DaXing District, BeiJing China owns a research center and a whole manufacturing base of crystal growth, wafer processing, cleaning and test,while the subsidiary, XinJiang TanKeBlue Semiconductor Co., Ltd, located in shihezi, xinjiang, is generally responsible for SiC crystal growth.                


                         Company Headquarters                                                                               XinJiang TanKeBlue 

Tankeblue has completed dozens of projects from national 863 project, 02 major project, Sci-Tech Support Plan, key research program of BeiJing Municipal Sci&Tech Commission, which achieved a series of key technologies and results. Tankeblue has 43 granted patents up to now ranging from crystal growth equipment, the crystal growth, wafers processing to wafers cleaning technology. Three national standards drafted by Tankeblue and Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Science have been issued and carried out since Tankeblue takes an active part in SiC industry standardization work. 

As the national earliest and largest “epi-ready” SiC enterprise, Tankeblue converges the advantages with respect to technique, management, market, funds and firstly established domestic whole production lines by relying on the research progresses accumulated over ten years in SiC crystal growth & wafer processing by the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Science, breaking through key technology and developing proprietary technology. As proprietary technology has been successfully applied in production base both in xinjiang and beijing, industrialization of SiC crystal has been achieved for the first time in china, breaking the long-term overseas blockade and monopoly. By now Tankeblue supplies more than 60 scientific institutions with wafers ( Semi-insulating, N-type, On axis and Off axis  <0001> ) in batch, promoting SiC epitaxial and device fabrication fundamental research. Tankeblue drives more than 20 companies into downstream industry, and promotes forming the national SiC integrated industrial chain, while it plays a leading role and fills the gap of wide bandgap semiconductor industry in xinjiang. Tankeblue SiC wafers are exported to more than 20 counties, including Europe, the United States and Japan. Tankeblue’s mission is to promote the rapid development of wide bandgap semiconductor industry in China. Since 2009, Tankeblue has been continuously voted one of the main SiC wafers suppliers in the world by YOLE, the international semiconductor consultative agency. 


IATF 16949:2016 Certification

ISO 9001:2015 Certification 

ISO 14001:2015 Certification 

National New High Tech Enterprise, Zhongguancun New High Tech Enterprise 

Material branch Member of National semiconductor equipment and material standardization technical committee (SAC/TC203/SC2)

Standardization pilot demonstration unit of Zhongguancun national innovation demonstration zone 

The Presdent unit of Innovation Association of Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Technology 

Beijing municipal enterprise technology research and development institutions 

Patent Pilot Unit of Beijing






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