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    Dear Mr./Mrs. ,Silicon carbide and other wide bandgap semiconductors (WBS) (such as SiC, GaN, Ga2O3, AlN, diamond, etc.) have become the strategic commanding point of competition in global high-tech field and a hotspot in worldwide semiconductor and materials industry in recent years. In the fields of national economy, national defense, international competition and people’s livelihood, etc., wide bandgap semiconductors have important strategic significance. They are gradually forming a huge industry under the traction of photovoltaic inverters, new energy vehicles and 5G communication applications.Currently, the international competitive situation of the third-generation semiconductor has become increasingly fierce. 

    In order to promote the development of silicon carbide and other WBS of the Asia-Pacific region, and to accelerate communication and collaborative innovation between politics, production, academic, research and application, The Asia-Pacific Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials (APCSCRM 2019) will be held on July 17~20, 2019 in Beijing with over 500 participants, which is sponsored by IAWBS(Innovation Association of Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Technology), SEMI (Semiconductor Equipment, Materials International) IOP(Institute of physics of Chinese academy of sciences) and CCrS (Chinese Crystallographic Society), hosted by Tankeblue. Co., Ltd.The APCSCRM 2019 conference will focus on topics related to wide-bandgap materials, including research development and application of Materials Growth, Materials structure & physical properties, Optoelectronic & power devices and related equipments and Semiconductor industry standardization and EHS development. We believe APCSCRM 2019 will play a significant role in promoting the academic research, technology progress and industrial development of wide bandgap semiconductor materials and devices in the Asia-Pacific region. 

    APCSCRM will be a high level conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials, Devices and Application in the Asia-Pacific region. From 2018, the conference will be held annually at different locations in the Asia-Pacific region. 

Conference Topic: 

 WBS material growth and epitaxy technology;

 WBS devices and test analysis techniques;

 WBS device package module, system solution and application; 

 Semiconductor industry standardization and EHS development.

Call for Papers:(All papers are SCI/EI in index searching) 

    In order to encourage the study and exchange of theories and technologies in the field of wide bandgap semiconductor materials growth, device fabrication and packaging, device module application and the development of standardization and EHS, we welcome all professionals in the field of wide bandgap semiconductor materials, devices, applications and standardization! 

    The accepted papers will be published in full-text in the journals such as “Journal of Crystal Growth” (SCI) and “Materials Science Forum” (EI).

The paper’s topic: 

Technical papers addressing all aspects of wide-bandgap materials, power electronics, package module and system solution or application are welcome. 

Manuscript requirements: 

1. Accept English manuscripts only; 

2. Original, unpublished research results, technical review, work experience summary or technical progress report; 

3. The length of the paper is not limited.(The format requirements are shown in the website:  ) 

Submission instructions: 

1. Submit ABSTRCT via APCSCRM website 

2. TheFULL TEXT submission should be submitted directly to the magazine's official website >>

 [Materials Science Forum] : 

[Journal of Crystal Growth]: 

The full text submission channel is coming online~ 

3. Abstract submission Deadline: May 17, 2019.    

4. Full paper submission Deadline: To be determined.   

5.Please keep attention on the review status of the paper (APCSCRM online submission system). 

The cost of the paper:  

The conference submission is free; but if it is accepted by the journal, it needs to pay RMB 2000 yuan ($300). 

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Chen, Tel:+8610-61256850-637 or +86-15210986316,



Payment method: 

(1) Bank transfer 

Account name: Innovation Association of Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Technology 


Bank Address: 3F., ShiNong Building, No.9 TianRong street, DaXing District, BeiJing China 

Account No: 0905000103000006397 

CNAPS: 402100003694

 (in the remittance note "APCSCRM+fee category + remittance unit/registers' name"); 

(2) pay via the conference website: the conference website has payment link:

 (payment remark "APCSCRM+ fee category + remittance unit/registers'  name") 

We have a discount for registers before June 17, 2019 ! 

If you have any questions about the conference or you want a Business Cooperation and exhibiting please contact Ms. Liu, Tel:+8610-61256850-657or +86-18931699592,

Conference Links: 

1. The conference official website: 

2.Organizers: IAWBS:                     




3.Contractor: Tankeblue:

WELCOME TO APCSCRM 2019!  Hurry and sign up for the conference.

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