“An annual output of 70,000 silicon carbide wafers high-tech industrialization demonstration project

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On 2014 March 31, commissioned by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Development and Reform Commission of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps organized relevant experts from technical, economic and management fields, carried out the inspection of the Development and Reform Commission Project — “An annual output of 70,000 silicon carbide wafers high-tech industrialization demonstration project” which is undertaken by TanKeBlue Semiconductor Co., Ltd. 

The Inspection Group gave a high evaluation of the project after they listened to the reports about the projects, carried out on-site audit, on-site equipments verification and field inquiry procedures. Experts considered that TanKeBlue Semiconductor Co., Ltd. has successfully developed high quality 2-4 inch SiC crystal growth and wafer processing technology, formed an annual output of 70,000 pieces silicon carbide wafer production line, effectively solved the technical bottleneck of the development of the third generation of semiconductor materials, broke the monopoly on SiC crystal growth and processing technology by foreign countries and the embargo policy of silicon carbide wafer towards China, promoting sustained and stable development of China’s third generation semiconductor industry , and achieved good economic and social benefit. During the project construction, 4 patents have been authorized, including 3 invention patents. 

The Inspection group unanimously considered that the project construction has achieved the intended target and agreed to acceptance.


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