Technical director Dr. Peng Tonghua named Haidian District Haiying talent”

发布时间: 2015/01/13 16:21,类别:

Recently, the Beijing Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park in Haidian Park Management Committee announced the 2014 Haidian District Haiying talent selection results, our company technical director Peng Tonghua Dr. successfully selected. 

Introduced in 2012 “Haiying talent support policy, Haidian District is connected with the countries” one thousand people plan “, the Beijing sea poly project,” ZhongGuanCun “high poly project district talent brand positioning in selection of Haidian District, high-tech enterprises in the top level talent. Haiying talent in the talent selection the market selection mechanism, not only degree nationality, educational background, personal wealth and titles is on, encourage world-class technology army personnel, engineers, and a high level of innovation team to Haidian District Innovation and entrepreneurship.

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