Two SiC semiconductor GB Standards drafted by Tankeblue Released

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Tankeblue semiconductor Co., Ltd. and institute of physics,CAS.jointly drafted two silicon carbide national standards, which have been released on December 31, 2014, and will be implemented on September 1, 2015.

The two standards are as below:

1.Polished monocrystalline silicon carbide wafers, GB/T 30656-2014, this standard specifies the 4H and 6H Polished monocrystalline silicon carbide wafers various requirements, test methods, inspection rule, mark, packing, transportation, storage, quality certificate and purchase order (or contract) content. This standard applies to the 4H and 6H Polishedmonocrystalline silicon carbide wafersafter single or double sides polished. Products are mainly used asepitaxial substrates for making semiconductor lighting and power electronic devices.

2.Nondestructive test method for micropipedensity ofpolished monocrystallinesilicon carbide wafers,GB/T 31351-2014, this standard specifies the Nondestructive test method for micropipedensity of polished 4 H and 6Hmonocrystallinesilicon carbide wafers . This standard applies to the 4 H and 6H silicon carbide crystal after single or doublesides polished.This standard applies tothe radial size of micropipeswithin the scope of a micron to a few microns.

The two standards fill in the blank of the technical field of silicon carbide semiconductor material. The standard level has reached advanced level of similar international standards. The implementation of the standards will regulate the silicon carbide semiconductor material industry, and will promote the healthy and orderly development of the industryin China, and will enhance the influence of silicon carbide semiconductor companies in the international market. The two standards also belongs to the new materials in the categoryof“Beijing focus on the development of technical standards and key standard direction”, so the implementation of the standards will also help Beijing form advantagein the silicon carbide industry, and occupy competitive high ground.

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